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  • Anxiety

    Bethany is a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP).

    Anxiety can be so overwhelming at times. It’s a struggle just getting through the day when your brain is constantly worried about what could happen. You become exhausted and look for a way to escape the thoughts even for a moment.

    Therapy for anxiety can provide relief and help you  recognize and challenge these thoughts that have taken over your life. 

    Here are some signs that therapy might be the next best step:

    You find yourself worrying about the worst case scenario in every situation. 

     It can be easier to just avoid certain events or situations because it causes too much anxiety.

     Your brain often looks for something to worry about even when nothing is wrong.

     You notice physical symptoms of anxiety such as restlessness, difficulty breathing, or panic attacks.

     How Does Therapy For Anxiety work?

    I incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness into our treatment in order to help you acknowledge unhelpful thoughts without judgment and challenge them.

     Specific objectives may include the following:

     Developing awareness around anxious thoughts and how it can lead to possible avoidance.

     Understanding our brain and how avoidance tends to reinforce the belief that we are in danger.

     Creating opportunity for small exposures to our anxiety in order to recognize that we can progress forward despite our emotions.

     If you are struggling with anxiety, it can feel both frustrating and hopeless at times. Together in therapy we can tackle these challenges and empower you to overcome the anxious thoughts that prevent you from enjoying your life. Anxiety has already taken so much and we won’t let it take any more.